About Anna Stetsenko

Anna Stetsenko is a Full Professor in the PhD Program in Psychology, with joint appointment in the PhD Program in Urban Education at The Graduate Center CUNY. Her research is situated at the intersection of human development, social theory and education including topics of subjectivity, collective agency, and personhood viewed through the lens of social change. Prior to working in the US, she worked at universities and research centers in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Her publications on transformative activist stance draw on cutting-edge advances in philosophy and sociology of practice, feminist and postmodernist materialism, dynamic systems theory, situated and embodied cognition, and cultural-historical activity frameworks. She is currently exploring its implications for studying political imagination, collective action, and activism. She is increasingly drawing on social and political theory to interrogate traditional gaps including between individual and collective agency and between subjectivity and social action. She has published in English, Russian, Italian and German.